Anegada British Virgin Islands
Anegada, meaning "drowned Island" measures 10 miles long and is only about 28ft. above sea level at its highest point. Made up almost entirely of coral reefs the scuba and snorkeling here are phenomenal. Only a small amount of people call Anegada home, due to its remote geography. With no easy way to anchor a boat near the island, most people fly in to the small airstrip located here. A view from the air, one can truly see the distinguishing characteristics of this tropical paradise. Huge salt ponds line the interior of almost half the island, often attracting huge flocks of pink Flamingos. Around the exterior of the Island lie the world famous Horseshoe Reef, stretching 18 miles long, making it one of the world's largest coral reefs.
Anegada British Virgin Islands Beaches
Loblolly Bay Beach Anegada British Virgin Islands
Loblolly Bay
Miles of secluded pristine beach
Cow Wreck Bay Beach Anegada British Virgin Islands
Cow Wreck Bay
How did this beach get it's name?
Flash of Beauty Beach Beach Anegada British Virgin Islands
Flash of Beauty Beach