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There is no doubt that The Virgin Islands has some beautiful things to offer.
Every thing from White sand beaches, amazing sunsets, palm trees, and unparallel sailing, this ultimate getaway vacation spot offers it all. But right beneath the waves lays a whole other world, full of brilliant coral reefs, enormous rock pinnacles, mysterious caverns, and legendary ship wrecks. Home to more than 100 completely unique snorkeling and scuba diving sites, The Virgin Islands makes the list in the world’s best underwater adventure areas.

Countless coral reef structures surround The Virgin Islands Archipelago providing the framework for this unique ecosystem. The island of Anegada, the northernmost of the British Virgin Islands actually consists almost entirely of coral. Vast species of tropical fish and other marine animals call these reefs home, both benefiting from one another in harmony. The warm, tranquil, and clear waters of the Virgin Islands proves unsurpassed visibility underwater, making your diving/snorkeling experience that much better. The visibility can be absolutely amazing, sometimes reaching distances of 100’. HDTV is what comes to mind when trying to compare other scuba/snorkel hotspots across the world to the clarity and color of the Virgin Islands.

Before snorkeling or diving in the Virgin Islands provide yourself with a knowledge of this underwater paradise. Being able to identify and understand what you see in this strange new world will greatly enhance your experience. Below are links for more information on some amazing snorkeling spots the Virgin Islands has to offer.