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When you're not adventuring beneath the waves, scuba diving or snorkeling, check out some of the other ways to explore the scenic Virgin Islands! Many of our Charter Yachts have a wide range of additional water sports activities most of which are all inclusive to you!

Sea Kayaking: Adventure through scenic lagoons, along pristine beaches, and over crystal clear waters in your yachts very own sea kayak. The Virgin Islands clear and calm waters provide an ideal place to truly enjoy this sport. Beautiful coves and rock formations line the coasts of these islands leaving adventure around every turn.


Water Skiing / Wake Boarding: Huge bays and protected inlets line the coast of the Virgin Islands offering Smooth Ocean waters like no where else. Strap on some skis or a wakeboard and hop in the water as your Yachts dinghy (tender) takes you for a ride! No where else is there a more beautiful place to be water skiing!

Jet-Skiing: Enjoy the freedom of playing in the waves on your Charter Yachts own Jet-Ski! Yes! Some of these Yachts have one or even two of these stowed aboard for your enjoyment! jetski
Windsurfing: Some of the yachts also keep a windsurfing board on hand for you to use. If you've never done it before, some of our yacht captains would be more than happy to help you out and show you a good time! windsurf.jpg
Hobie cats:  Imagine that! Some of our featured Yachts actually carry a smaller sailboat called a Hobie Cat onboard! These fun little boats are great to take out for an afternoon or learn the basics of sailing aboard. The sleek and lightweight design provides for great maneuverability and speed! hobie_cat.jpg
Parasailing: Numerous parasailing companies operate in the Virgin Islands offering an aerial view of the beautiful landscape. Your Captain will be able to recommend and set up a time with one of these experienced companies. parasail.jpg