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The Perfect Beach Vacation.

   Ah, Yes. Let us think about just that, first by asking ourselves what comes to mind in an ideal beach vacation? Maybe it's things like endless white-sand beaches, Lush palms, crystal clear water, tropical reefs and shipwrecks. Then of course there's you, right smack dab in the middle of it! There you are relaxing away on the deck of your own yacht. The thoughts of the daily grind back home begin fading away now as you cruise the turquoise waters of the Virgin Islands. A smile cracks on your face, as you look towards the west. The most picturesque sun set you've ever seen lies ahead. Islands seem to melt into the horizon, fading off into the distance. Behind it all the most beautiful sun set imaginable. Wild colors engulf the whole sky. As you travel along, every moment brings a new view. Tropical coves, smooth breezes, and deserted islands all around you. It begins flowing through you. You know you've felt this feeling before, and it's stronger than ever before. And you know. Adventure, and nothing less is what lays ahead.