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Better than a Hotel

You've managed to get some time off of work and really want to go somewhere special on your vacation. Unfortunately you're looking through the long list of hotels available on a stretch of beach you've never visited. With only a few doctered up snapshots and reviews from people you probably have nothing in common with, you find it hard to make up your mind. Which resort is right for me? Things like "Total Package" and "All-Inclusive" are displayed everywhere yet it's hard to even find out what they have to offer. Often you end up paying for services in which you do not use or don't apply to you. You're stuck with the same stretch of beach, the same restaurants, and the same view. Check out the options Charter Sailing Yachts have to offer in The United States Virgin Islands & The British Virgin Islands.
Charter Yacht Hotel
Food Your own private chef who plans the meals around your likes/dislikes. Stuff yourself with incredible gourmet meals prepared fresh just for you. Enjoy a sunset as you dine on the deck of your yacht or on a beach in a secluded romantic private cove. Food at your typical resort, hotel, or tourist restaurant can't compare with the food you'll get on your charter yacht. If your resort is NOT all-inclusive, or if you want a change from the same stuff every day - you probably have to pay for an expensive cab ride to get to a REALLY EXPENSIVE restaurant of uncertain quality. Believe me, even the fast food joints are expensive in the islands.
Activities Choose a yacht with your particular activities in mind and do them when you want to and in a different place everyday. Scuba Diving, Snorkeling, Watersports, Sailing, Hiking, Sightseeing - whatever you want, when you want, where you want. Not all inclusive. Want to Scuba? VERY expensive. Waterskiing? you guessed it, VERY expensive. Go sight seeing? Cough it up.
Destinations Wherever you feel like. Small private beaches, unspoiled coral reefs, quaint towns, trails, etc. Same beach front, same people, same restaurant, same city. Tranportation in tourist areas is expensive.
Beaches A new secluded, romantic, beautiful beach everyday. Quiet strips of whitesand. Get away from the crowds. Same crowded beach as yesterday, same view, same hotel guests.
Snorkel/Scuba A different coral reef or shipwreck everyday. Secret dive spots only the locals know about. Sail up to a spectacular dive or snorkel spot, spend as little or as much time as you want exploring the underwater wonderland, then climb back aboard to be met by your chef with a delicious snack or meal. Same reef off shore that careless boaters and jet-skiers have over ran and destroyed, usually nothing but dead coral.
Watersports Most watersports are included at no extra charge. All you want. Do what you want, when you want, where you want. Go diving after breakfast, waterskiing after lunch and kayaking after dinner. Never really all inclusive. And by chance it is, that means 700 hotel guests get to share those 5 beat-up kayaks all week.
Instruction One on one instruction. Highly individual instruction of Scuba diving, Snorkeling, Kayaking, Windsurfing and of course Sailing. Share the time of your instructor with all other hotel guests. Non-inclusive expense for instruction on just about anything
Flexibility Set your own pace. Change your itinerary as you go. Do what you want, don't worry about schedules You do have the choice of what hotel beach you'll be stuck at for a week
Sailing Learn to sail with the best. The Virgin Islands are a haven for the most experienced of sailors. They are hands down the best islands in the world to experience sailing. Sailing lessons are often available at exorbitant rates. The Sailboats are usually not boats at all but small "hobie cats" designed for simply dabbling in the bay.
Cost Most of the sailboats are all-inclusive, meaning that food, most drinks, snorkeling, most watersports and sailing are included. The cost for scuba diving is incredibly minimal. A typical fee might be $100 for 5 dives, equipment included - additional dives for just the cost of the tank refills. All-inclusive resorts mean you pay for it whether you use it or not. Scuba diving, most watersports and any sightseeing activities are extra. If you choose a resort which is NOT all-inclusive, be prepared to pay a LOT for eating. The tourist hotels are in tourist areas, and believe me, they see you coming. Select a yacht with things you will want to use. Don't pay for stuff you don't need. Don't worry about paying outrageous prices for every meal or extra activity.