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Sandy Cay: Jost Van Dyke, BVI

Sandy Cay Beach Jost Van Dyke BVI

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This 14 acre nature preserve is owned by the Foundation of the late philanthropist Lawrence Rockefeller. Sandy Cay has the character of an ideal tropical isle and also contains a well-maintained trail that will lead you on a natural journey aroundSandy-Cay-2 the island. Sandy Cay is geologically interesting because the Ease side is volcanic, the west side is more coral reef atoll, and in the middle is a wetland area that is occupied by many different species of birds. In addition to the towering coconut palms surrounding the white sand beach, you will see Sea Grapes trees, Banyan trees, Turpentine trees, and over 90 different varieties of local flora. At the East end of the island you will be towering above surf side cliffs and will have a 360-degree of all the surrounding islands and reefs!!! There are no mammals on Sandy C ay, which is controlled for ecological reasons, however you will see many varieties of crabs and reptiles, including crested anoles and geckos. There are some interesting reefs off Sandy Cay and the wall is loaded with a variety of juvenile fish life and rare Staghorn and Elkhorn Coral. Sandy Cay is an excellent stop for any vacationer, whether for a few minutes, hours, or all day.

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A charter yacht holiday is by far the best way to experience the beaches in the Virgin Islands:

You sail up to the beach - diving into some of the world's clearest most beautiful waters - snorkeling around to see fantastic marine life - relaxing on powder soft white sand - drinking cool refreshing beverages and eating gourmet food prepared by your own Personal Chef.

This is not a crowded resort hotel beach with hundreds of people lined up like sardines. You will feel like you are living the lifestyles of the Rich and Famous!

Nothing beats a USVI or BVI catamaran yacht charter for exploring the amazing beaches and islands in the Virgin Islands.

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