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  Eagle Shoal: St John

Eagle Shoal Dive Site St John USVI

DEPTH: To 50 FT (15m)


This rarely visited site off the east end of St. John is best known for "The Cathedral", a large, open chamber accessed by multiple entryways. Look up to see streams of sunlight pouring in from the "skylight". "The Cathedral" is used for underwater weddings. This mound of coral rises from deep water to within a couple of feet from the surface. The area is full of coral caves and channels that teem with copper sweepers and small baitfish. The baitfish will bunch up in a tight ball like bugs around a light and try to hide in one of the coral caves while jacks dart in to feed, sending them scattering like chaff in the wind. Because this area is so exposed to the open ocean on all sides, it is one of the best places to see sharks and manta rays.

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ONBOARD diving from a charter yacht is by far the best choice if you are planning a scuba diving trip in the Virgin Islands:

Your Captain will help you choose the perfect dive site - you sail up to the site - hook up to a mooring ball - dive in some of the world's best diving waters, and when you're done you climb back aboard your yacht to be met by the chef with a most welcome snack.

No need to wait for a commercial dive operator - then getting on a stinky diesel dive boat with strangers and taking time to get to and from the dive site - using up half the day.

Nothing beats a USVI or BVI catamaran yacht charter for ease and convenience when Scuba Diving in the Virgin Islands.

An awesome liveaboard scuba diving experience you will never forget!