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Cooper Island - British Virgin Islands

    Cooper Island

Wreck Alley Dive Site Cooper Island British Virgin Islands

Wreck Alley

DEPTH: 50-85 ft LEVEL: Intermediate This triple wreck site consists of the Marie L, a cargo boat intentionally sunk in the early 1990s, the Pat, a tugboat sunk a few years later that now lies up against the Marie L, and the Beata, sunk in 2001. Whilst the wrecks themselves provide an interesting feature to explore, be sure to look for the large colony of garden eels slightly around the wrecks and the stingrays that frequent the area - these are much braver than at other sites and will happily swim through the middle of the dive group. Time on the wrecks is limited due to the depth so the dive is completed on the shallower reef (about 50 ft) around the dive boat mooring.
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