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Fallen Jerusalem: Virgin Gorda, BVI

Fallen Jerusalem Beach Virgin Gorda BVI

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Secluded beaches border delightful snorkelling areas; North Lee Bay Beach being the best on the island. On the northwest shore, underwater tunnels and caves are a haven for nocturnal fish, while schools of Glassy Sweepers glisten like bits of shiny copper. Rock climbers love it!

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A charter yacht holiday is by far the best way to experience the beaches in the Virgin Islands:

You sail up to the beach - diving into some of the world's clearest most beautiful waters - snorkeling around to see fantastic marine life - relaxing on powder soft white sand - drinking cool refreshing beverages and eating gourmet food prepared by your own Personal Chef.

This is not a crowded resort hotel beach with hundreds of people lined up like sardines. You will feel like you are living the lifestyles of the Rich and Famous!

Nothing beats a USVI or BVI catamaran yacht charter for exploring the amazing beaches and islands in the Virgin Islands.

An awesome experience you will never forget!