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Cartanser Sr Dive Site St Thomas US Virgin Islands

Cartanser Sr

Originally sunk by divers and brought to the cove at Buck Island, the Cartanser Senior has weathered several hurricanes and now sits in three sections. The wreck is covered with corals and sponges, but perhaps the most unique function that it serves as is an egg hatchery for Sergeant Major Fish. These striped fish lay their eggs on the sides of the wreck and defend them mercilessly never straying far from their purple egg patch. Lucky for us they only get about 4 inches long and have no teeth. If you get close enough, they will actually swim at you with all intentions of shooing you away from their precious brood. Another unique experience is spotting the rare Yellow Headed Jawfish which burrow into the sand and live tail first in their holes. Once you spot one, you will soon see lots more, hovering just over their holes, reversing in at the slightest sign of danger.
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