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Rye Reef

Rye Reef is often the companion dive to the wreck of the Cartanser Senior. Starting in shallow water, divers slowly descend along the fingers of reef which extend out towards the South. Lobsters, eels, grouper, turtles, rays and countless tropical fish inhabit this area. A popular site for divers, the Yellowfin Snappers have come to recognize divers as a possible source of food. They usually accompany us throughout the dive following along as if they were part of our "school." Another unique creature visible to the observant diver is the garden eel. These graceful creatures appear to be sea grass at first glance, are about as thin as a pencil and back down into their burrows in the sand the closer you get. There can be hundreds of these eels in the sand flats giving the illusion of a vast grass patch.
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