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  Miss Opportunity: St Thomas

Miss Opportunity Dive Site St Thomas USVI

DEPTH: 55- 90 ft

Originally, the Miss Opportunity was a World War II Navy Hospital barge. It was later used as office space in down town Charlotte Amalie's helping the local population with job placement. This wreck rests in 90 feet of water, and the barge itself is 390 feet long. The Miss Opportunity lies fully intact, however, it is upside down. There is very rarely any current making this a low impact environment. We start with a tour of the outside of the wreck as we proceed into the stern section. Because the ship is inverted, we pay close attention to the deck below us where we find light fixtures with the light bulbs still intact. As we look above us we discover tables, chairs, and other interesting objects that seem quite out of place. After a complete exploration through the belly of the wreck, we exit the bow section and proceed along the port side deck. This makes our tour a multilevel dive, maximizing bottom time. The Miss Opportunity is a very safe wreck due to its basic swim through, providing exits from almost every room. However, the layout of the wreck with its many passageways also offers the hardy wreck divers a chance to do their thing.

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No need to wait for a commercial dive operator - then getting on a stinky diesel dive boat with strangers and taking time to get to and from the dive site - using up half the day.

Nothing beats a USVI or BVI catamaran yacht charter for ease and convenience when Scuba Diving in the Virgin Islands.

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