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  Wit Shoal: St Thomas

Wit Shoal Dive Site St Thomas USVI

This wreck is one of the favorites on the island! The Wit Shoal is a 360-foot, old freighter ship that was on its way to Puerto Rico to be scrapped for parts. At the beginning of this journey, the seas picked up and snapped the towing cable loose allowing the great ship to sink right off of St. Thomas. This wreck lays to rest in 90 feet of water. It is a more advanced dive due to its location, which frequently provides strong currents. The wreck provides many hallways, passages, and marine life to explore. The engine room is known to house a 600- pound jewfish! One of the favorite features to this dive is the head first swim down the smoke stacks which are encrusted with brightly colored corals.

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ONBOARD diving from a charter yacht is by far the best choice if you are planning a scuba diving trip in the Virgin Islands:

Your Captain will help you choose the perfect dive site - you sail up to the site - hook up to a mooring ball - dive in some of the world's best diving waters, and when you're done you climb back aboard your yacht to be met by the chef with a most welcome snack.

No need to wait for a commercial dive operator - then getting on a stinky diesel dive boat with strangers and taking time to get to and from the dive site - using up half the day.

Nothing beats a USVI or BVI catamaran yacht charter for ease and convenience when Scuba Diving in the Virgin Islands.

An awesome liveaboard scuba diving experience you will never forget!